Friday, May 10, 2019

Karen Vinacour: Evil, Depends®-clad Old Beotch ©2019 by Joe Sixtop all rights reserved

     I very much dislike anger, hatred and wishing anyone dead. So it would of been a lot better for me if I hadn't seen this story on the internet today. It's about a hating-it old bitch (and obvious Trump voter) named Karen Vinacour who got treated a lot better than she deserves. If Karma were real (it's not), the ancient, doddering Karen would be in the oncology ward on at least five different counts.
     Reading about evil Karen's behavior upset me a lot and I'm also upset that I'm upset. I don't like feeling like this. So after work tonight I sat down and wrote a whole stream-of-consciousness episode of These American Servers™ about this story, but I'm gonna leave that as a draft and not show it to y'all (no great loss to anyone since nobody reads this anyway) and just let ya click the link and read  the story as written and edited in a professional manner.
     Incidentally, if that happened to me, I wouldn't have tried to keep the money for myself. I'd like to at least see some of it go to a reputable charity. Even if Karen eventually got back all the cash, and I can see an argument that waiter Armando Markaj did the right thing—though I strongly disagree— I wish he wouldn't have been so damn nice about it and instead made sure her old Republican ass was really sweating and truly regretful of her inexcusable actions.. As it is, you know bitch-ass old Karen is laughing to herself about how she fucked over a nice person that didn't deserve it and totally got away with it.
     It's a story worth reading. However, if reading about injustice gets you upset like it sometimes does me (in this instance it upset me a lot and I'm still upset. Woah, calm down, Joe!), then maybe you shouldn't click the link.

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