Monday, March 4, 2013

Win a Dream Date with Jodi Arias! ©2013 by Joe Sixtop all rights reserved

     Sorry, I can't really get you a date with Jodi Ann Arias. I don't even think she's eligible for any conjugal visits right now. Which is too bad, 'cause from what I'm given to understand, she's a really fun chick. Except that she might kill your ass; she's currently on trial for murdering her boyfriend, T-Dogg. And she didn't just kill him, she killed the shit out of him. Allegedly.
     The reason I even mention all this is because you (or at least I) can't glance in the direction of that TV behind the bar at work that's always tuned to CNN without seeing the bespectacled (yet still cute!) visage of Jodi Ann so she must be pretty damn important. Plus the fact that she's one of us. Yep, before her legal troubles started, Jodi Arias waited tables at Casa Ramos®, a popular Mexican-style chain they have out west. And she claims to have worked at Margaritaville® even though she maybe didn't but if she did, she'll probably be acquitted on grounds of compassion and possible insanity. This paragraph contains some feeble attempts on my part at Search Engine Optimization, by the way. Hope it works!
     The real topic of today's episode is a co-worker of mine named Emily. Well, it isn't really but I wanted it to be. Her story's interesting and I've been trying to put it together in a coherent manner to tell for the last week or so. Unfortunately, it isn't ready yet. You'll probably get it later this month. Meanwhile, I just (figuratively) pulled this here installment out of my keester, kind of like you do if a table asks you about the new featured menu items and you haven't learned them yet.

      In conclussion, I think it's safe to say that we've all learned something here today. Safe, but inaccurate. Anybody that cares about learning (and is or was a server) should click this link right here and take the survey that Wm. Michael Lynn, the Burton M. Sack Professor in Food & Beverage Management in Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, has there. It won't take a lot of time and it's pretty interesting. Professor Mike has a well-deserved rep as being a world-class authority on tipping and you can help him add to that knowledge. Thanks.
                                                  From a couple of weeks later:
     Did you take the survery? I hope so but if ya didn't it's too late now. The survery is over and the results are in. Professor Lynn was kind enough to send me a link to the results, which are pretty interesting. He didn't mention that I couldn't share that link with y'all and I'm guessing he would have if it was some big secret or something. .

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