Sunday, February 27, 2011

Self-Indulgent Rambling c2011 by Joe Sixtop all rights reserved

     Damn! I had ideas for two separate Black History Month episodes of These American Servers and I didn't get around to actually writing either of them. I got kind of a good start on one. Perhaps I'll finish up and put it on here soon or maybe you'll get it next February.

     Happy Birthday, Buckette!

     Do you ever use words like cocksmack (thanky Cranky) and fucktard to describe clients you've formed a negative opinion of? Here's another epithet for your lexicon: johnson skull.

     If I'm an elected member of a legislative body and I can thwart the agenda of my opponents by not showing up for work, guess what? I'm probably not showing up for work.

     Now that I actually have some readers (again, thanky Cranky!), I thought I'd mention some ideas you might have missed that have been presented on These American Servers that I feel pretty good about.
)from "A Ducats Negotiation"
☻If you buy tickets from a scalper, get their cell phone number. I tried this at a sold out NHL game recently and it worked great!
)from "Ramblin' Joe Sixtop"
☻Try using the word clients, not guests, to refer to customers.
☺I just don't care for the word blog, so I'm an Internet Columnist, OK?!
)from "A Righteous Proposal"
☻Please discuss this concept with your friends. Of course, I'd like it if you'd mention These American Servers but, really I don't care if you tell everybody it's your mom's idea. If enough of us give up buying alcohol (or at least cut back signifigantly) we could probably force a change in the laws regarding recreational intoxicants.

     If you've joined me at MySpace or Facebook or at "The Cool Kids' Table" or just glance at this crizzap from time to time, thanks, I really appreciate ya!
     Are you an internet columnist? Am I on your blogroll? If I am and you're not on mine, please let me know so I can fix you up. If I'm not on your blogroll, I'd like to be. I'm talkin' to you, Paul Krugman!

     OK that's more than enough sef-indulgent rambling for two posts in a row. Look for some slightly more coherent restaurant adventures next time.

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  1. I am confused by the "recreational intoxicants" idea - do mean if everyone cuts back on liquor and beer the nation could force the government to legalize something that isn't legal now? I don't mean to be dense Joe - but I have never heard of this and don't understand the concept on how that would work.

    But would LOVE to tell everyone it was my Mom's idea. And her name is Joe. giggle

    And you can ramble anytime you like - I don't find it self-indulgent at all. Very entertaining.