Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wallet Contretemps c2011 by Joe Sixtop all rights reserved

     A fourtop rolled into my station the other night, three men and a woman. Everyone appeared to be in their late 20s. They sat in the bar area, near a TV, so they could watch the game. They all wanted draft beers. I recommended Yuengling 'cause I like it but they went with some wussy low calorie products. Just to be safe, I carded everyone.
     The guys produced their IDs no problem but the distaff member of the quartet didn't have hers. She had her purse but claimed to have left her wallet in the car. She seemed a little peeved when she received no dispensation. Before she headed out to fetch her license she told me, "I'll be back in just a minute so you can go ahead and bring my beer with theirs," killing the slight chance I might do that.
     They ate, drank and enjoyed the game. When it was over they asked for three checks; the lady paid for one of the gentlemen. The singletons each left me about seven on 30. Ms. Lady paid her $44 tab with a $20 gift certificate and her credit card. She left me four dollars. They headed for their nearby motel.
     That table didn't get sat again that night. As I was sweeping my station at close I spied my client's purse. She'd left it hanging on one of the chairs. I took it to the MOD who was taking liquor inventory. Chickie came back the next morning. Her purse wasn't in the office, where it should of been. I asked that day's MOD to unlock the booze barn. Guess what? There was the purse, right where the previous shift's manager had left it. My customer looked inside and expressed dismay when (she claimed) her wallet wasn't there. It wasn't there because I'd removed it from her purse and given it to a homeless woman who hangs out in my neighborhood.

      So OK, that last part isn't true, it just felt good to write it. When the client couldn't find her wallet she started whining about how the wallet was the main thing she needed, it held her driving license and her credit card. Why, the purse didn't really do her any good without the wallet! She allowed as to how she might have left the wallet in the motel room or the car. Maybe she did.

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  1. I am a little confused - she had her wallet to pay, but did she ID for the beer..and she paid for her meal [and his] with said credit card - and I know you didn't remove the wallet, but how did the hotel work out for her without it.

    Sorry, I may not be reading this right, but - why wouldn't a wallet be IN a purse.