Saturday, April 7, 2012

Really Good Work Shoes ©2012 by Joe Sixtop all rights reserved

     Every restaurant I’ve worked at - and I’ve worked at a lot of them over the last several years - has had its uniform standards. Some have been kind of lax, some real strict. The standards have always included rules about footwear.

     About 2004 or so, restaurants began requiring their employees to wear slip-resistant shoes at work. At first I was like, “Great. Here’s another rule,” but now I can’t believe I ever went to work shod in anything else. I’ve bought several pairs of slip-resistant shoes over the years, the character of which have run the quality gamut from “pretty good” to “lousy.” But I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I’ve found where I’ll be getting my footwear from now on: SR Max Slip Resistant Shoes.

     The SR Max website is well-designed and easy to navigate to find and order the shoes you’re seeking. There are plenty of styles, colors, brands and sizes to choose from. At both of my jobs, conservative, black, dress-type shoes are mandated, so after careful consideration, I chose the Manhattan model, although there are certainly lots of other good options available. My kicks were delivered in a very timely manner by United Parcel Service. SR Max has a sensible and very generous return policy that I believe is the best in the business. The policy is posted on their website and you’ll get a printed copy of it with your order. They also throw in a prepaid UPS label, for use in the unlikely event that you have any issues. I didn’t need any of that though. My shoes look great and fit even better! My new kicks are hella comfortable and obviously very well-made. Nobody else at work has shoes that look as sharp as mine and I’ve gotten several compliments on them. Their cost was very reasonable. In fact, I’d expect to pay more for shoes like this that didn’t have slip-resistance.

     My experience has been so positive that I plan on buying  more shoes from SR Max real soon. They’ve got some black Skechers that I want for when I go back to beer vending at the football stadium in September. Slip-resistant shoes can be worn in any environment where shoes can be worn, not just work. SR Max has shoes for grocers, nurses, retail employees, warehouse workers, as well as servers. While no shoes are slip-proof, merely slip-resistant, my Manhattans have noticeably better slip resistance than any other footwear I’ve ever tried. SR Max shoes are safer, better looking, more well-made and a better value than what you’re wearing now. Do yourself a favor and check them out!

BONUS: Just as a side note, SR Max is offering my loyal These American Servers™ readers an extra discount on their shoes. Just enter the promo code “SIXTOP” at checkout to knock a few dollars off of your next work shoe purchase.


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